(GMT+5) | 03.10.2022

Zarkent ota

Zarkent village located in the foothills of the 5 km east of Parkent. The height above sea level of 800 meters and above. All neighborhood Zarkent planted plantations of elite varieties of grapes and fruit orchards. In recent years, Zarkent actively developing tourism. In orchards and vineyards are Zarkent agritourism routes. Part of the flow of tourists visiting Zarkent up - pilgrims Visitors architectural complex on the burial place of Sheikh Zarkent ata. It is located in the upper part of the village. By giving the sheikh Zarkentata laid the settlement subsequently received his name. Some time ago, on the initiative of the local population of the burial and the surrounding area were landscaped. Not far fr om the architectural complex Zarkentota knocks spring provides water to all villages. In 2014, near the Zarkentata complex planned to build camping and other facilities for a comfortable stay of tourists. Attached Zarkent east slopes are of interest in terms of organization of active tourism. From Zarkent lie some fascinating routes for output: among them the routes: Zarkent-Kumushkan, Zarkent-Sukok, Zarkent-Sanganak. Designed and route runs to the buffer zone Chatkal Biosphere Reserve, wh ere one can often observe its inhabitants.