(GMT+5) | 18.01.2022

Holy places

Zangi ata

Passed by 5 kilometers south of the border of modern Tashkent, you get into one of the oldest preserved memorial complex of the capital. It was founded...

Zarkent ota

Zarkent village located in the foothills of the 5 km east of Parkent. The height above sea level of 800 meters and above. All neighborhood Zarkent planted...

Shodmalik ota

The monument is located at 38 km. the left of the highway Tashkent -Olmaliq. Recorded in 1934, consists of 4 underground rooms with 6 burialvaults in wooden...


The sight is located in a flood zone of Tuyabuguz water reservoir (at Tashkent Sea) as a piece of an island. It dates back to the II millennium BC up...

Waterfall Chukuraksu

This large beautiful waterfall nestled in the back of the blind canyon on a tributary of the mighty river Chatkal. Chukuraksu waterfall height of about...